Saturday, February 8, 2014

It Is Never Too Soon To Boost Your Tenant IQ

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It Is Never Too Soon To Boost Your Tenant IQ

Though foreclosures have slowed, getting approved for a mortgage is certainly more difficult than it was before the Great Recession. Furthermore, many people who could purchase homes are choosing to rent while they weigh their options. According to a recent survey conducted by, there is a growing trend of former homeowners choosing to rent for the indefinite future. More than 35% of surveyed renters previously owned a home, which represents a new high. With so many tenants entering the rental market, it is important to understand the type of background check USA companies provide.

Property managers have always used background checks. The question is if managers are using the most sensible tenant check procedures. The property management industry has long relied on critical thinking. According to market researcher IBISWorld, firms in this sector spend a mere $0.04 on capital investment for every dollar spent on human resources. This reflects a focus on thoughtful outsourcing and strategic planning. With the massive influx of long-term renters, it may serve for managers to rethink their long-established practices. Even experienced managers may need to take to steps to improve their tenant IQs. Casual, incomplete tenant screening doesn't provide much more security than no screening at all. Sensible managers make sure screening providers live up to their promises when it comes to thoroughness in background checks.

In any industry, certain companies stand out above the rest. It is no different in the world of tenant screening services. In this industry, the most worthwhile firms do not stand out due to hyperactive ads or marketing campaigns. The most reputable tenant services build impressive reputations by simply providing indispensable help. Networking with other property managers is a good way to enhance one's tenant IQ. Many seasoned managers tell instructive stories about meeting terrible tenants who initially seemed perfect in every way. Well-dressed, articulate, dignified--these are just a few of the qualities that prospective tenants can misleadingly portray. The tenant credit check is a critical tool for backing up our intuitions with real facts. Fortunately, property managers are well-served by the thorough type of background check USA based companies offer.

Although the average property manager feels good will towards others, experienced managers learn the inescapable need for the tenant credit check. CNN reports that the number of property managers will ultimately grow by 15% between 2006 and 2016. Though this is good news for members of the industry, growth can lead to greater competition. Managers with more thorough tenant check procedures should experience greater security. It would be nice if we didn't have to vet tenants with the obligatory credit check and criminal record check. In the imperfect world we live in, a well-timed criminal record check can save money, headaches and professional reputations

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