Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten Reasons to Screen your Tenants

Ten Reasons Why you should Screen your Tenants 

Tenant Screening Report

  1. Protect your property - Why invest such a vast amount without protecting your property. Tenant Screening Report charges $24.95 to screen your Tenants history: Don't roll the dice and hope for the best.
  2. The reward of a good tenant is someone who pays the rent on time.
  3. 70% of your competition credit check their tenants.  Do you want to keep the listing ?
  4. Property managers who dont screen their tenants have a 40% higher problem rate with clients. 
  5. Tenants want to be screened. Tenants want as much security as the landlord. Tenants want trust.
  6. A $24 cost of screening is a lot less than $5000 clean up.If one of your tenants engages in illegal activities on the premise of your investment property, having the screening results on file can protect you from liability.
  7. Weed out the bad tenants fast
  8. Have a secure electronic audit trail for all tenants.
  9. References: beyond the Tenant Screening, tenants can get their mothers, friends, fathers, grandmothers to give them a reference. Get a Trusted source
  10. Peace of Mind. 

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